Research goal of iGCORE

Understanding the principles of glycan assemblies

Our research aims to understand the functions of glycan assemblies (glycans clustered in microenvironment, especially on transmembrane of cells) which consist of complex and diverse glycans including glycoproteins and glycolipids, and to reveal new principles that underpin all living systems. Our ultimate goal is to apply the insights from our research findings to facilitate the advancement of innovative medicine.

To achieve this goal, our research focuses on the hierarchy of biological phenomena mediated by glycans. Each glycan molecule has its own intrinsically diverse and complex structure and behaves individually. When assembled, they somehow mediate complex biological functions. Thus, we need to understand not only the behavior of individual glycan molecules (Single Glycan Molecule level), but also glycan assemblies (Glycan Domain level) and their biological roles in the body (Glycan in Organism level). Although glycoscience research has mainly focused on the biological functions of individual glycans, we believe it is time to incorporate a better understanding of the mechanisms of glycan assembly and their diverse functions into current life sciences.

World-class integrative glycoscience center
Elucidation of assembled glycans

Getting to the essence of life

At iGCORE, collaborative efforts in synthetic chemistry, single molecule imaging, and computational science are employed to elucidate the physical behaviors of individual glycan molecules. Additionally, our institute also studies the assembly state, localization, and co-localization principles of glycans with other molecules at the cellular level, using chemical biology and bioinformatics.

We are also developing new techniques to chemically, genetically regulate glycan assemblies through the development of glycan probes and inhibitors. Furthermore, by applying the principles of the behavior of single glycan molecules and glycan assemblies, as well as glycomics (comprehensive structural analysis of glycans), we aim to elucidate the functions of glycans in dynamic physiological processes such as development, aging, and diseases such as dementia, psychiatric disorders, cancer, infectious diseases, and more. Through our studies, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of life and advance new diagnostics and treatments for these diseases.

iGCORE Leaflet

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