Institute for Glyco-core Research (iGCORE)

Institute for Glyco-core Research, iGCORE, is a cutting-edge integrative glycoscience institute that brings together researchers from two universities - Nagoya University and Gifu University - with outstanding achievements in the fields of glycan synthesis, imaging, glycobiology, and glycomedicine. Through our research, iGCORE is committed to gaining a deeper understanding of the fundamental nature of life, ultimately paving the way for groundbreaking innovations in medicine, such as personalized prevention and early detection of pre-disease.

Glycan synthesis ・ imaging

Our strength lies in our ability to synthesize complex glycans and image individual glycan molecules with expertise.


Glycans in medicine ・ biology

Our research aims to uncover the biological functions and medical uses of glycans, with the goal of developing novel applications to improve human health.

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    About iGCORE

    Organization, research goals, international scope and human resource development

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    Introducing our research purpose, research content and three research divisions

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    Member (PIs)

    Principal investigators (PIs) at iGCORE

iGCORE Leaflet

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