Glycan Structural Analysis Division

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Elucidation of glycan functions by determining the structure of glycan and related molecules

The goal of Structural Analysis Division in the Integrated Glyco-Big Data Center (iGDATA) is to analyze the detailed structures of glycans and related molecules and to collect such information to elucidate glycan functions and develop glycan-targeted diagnoses. To achieve this, we perform structural analysis of glycans and related molecules from cells or tissue samples using MS. We utilize LC-MS, MALDI-MS, and NMR for this purpose. Additionally, we aim to develop novel technologies for automatic glycan analysis, enabling researchers to easily analyze glycan structures from multiple samples. With these approaches, we aim to obtain glycan information that can be useful for both disease diagnosis and a better understanding of life.


Analysis of glycan-related molecules

Using a combination of MS, NMR, and computational analysis, our objective is to clarify the structures and dynamics of individual glycans and related metabolites. Integrating the structures and dynamics of each glycan will result in a comprehension of the mechanisms of biological processes regulated by glycans.

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Division headStructural Analysis Division

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Research interests
Glycomics、Structural analysis、Host-pathogen interactions、NMR、Mass Spectrometry
Research subject
I am a senior researcher for CNRS (Lille University, France) and an Invited Professor at iGCORE (Gifu University, Japan). I focus my research on the structure to function relationships of complex carbohydrates, from microorganisms to higher eukaryotes, mostly in the context of host-pathogen interaction. My main objective is to understand how the glycans from both host and pathogen fine tune the infectious process and how they may be used as diagnosis or therapeutic tools, with a keen interest for mycobacterial, fungus and viral infections. To reach this goal, I integrate a wide range of scientific approaches including synthetic chemistry, structural analysis using NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, structural biology of proteins and enzymology.

Kazuki Nakajima

Structural Analysis Division

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Research interests
Glycoproteomics, nucleotide sugar, automatic analysis
Research subject
We develop analytical techniques for rapid glycoproteomics and metabolomics to elucidate metabolic relationships between glycoproteins and glycans, and nucleotide sugars. High-throughput methods using chromatography and mass spectrometry will be established to promote analysis of large cohorts. In particular, by integrating robotics and systems through collaboration, we aim to fully automate plasma glycoproteomics, which has been difficult to achieve so far. In the future, we hope to discover glycan-related biomarkers for neurodegenerative and renal diseases and propose a new diagnostic system.

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