Call for application of “iGCORE Open Collaborative Research” in FY2022

Institute for Glyco-core Research (iGCORE) at Nagoya University and Gifu University in Tokai National Higher Education and Research System has been devoted to the development of glycoscience as an international research center. In this effort, the institute has conducted "iGCORE Collaborative Research" with researchers outside iGCORE for the past two years, utilizing the facilities and human resources within the institute. To further facilitate collaboration including international, the "iGCORE Collaborative Research" program will be implemented again in this fiscal year.


  1. Research Areas

iGCORE invites proposals for collaborative research on either of the following two categories.


#1: Collaborative research to further develop existing collaborative research (either domestic or international) with the host researcher

#2: International collaborative research on new themes


iGCORE expects challenging proposals that will contribute to the development of a wide range of life sciences with a focus on glycoscience. In particular, iGCORE encourages proposals for international collaborations.


  1. Eligibility

Applicants affiliated with domestic or foreign universities or research institutes (excluding Nagoya Univ. and Gifu Univ.) and those who are approved by the iGOCRE’s director may apply. In addition, prior to submission, applicants should communicate with host researchers in iGCORE and should obtain host researchers’ consent to proposals.


3: Number of Proposals Selected

About 5 proposals

(at least 1 international collaborative research project will be selected)


4: Application Deadlines and Schedule

              Deadline for application 12pm, November 24, 2022

              Grantee notification: Late December

              Duration: until March 31st, 2023


5: Budget

About 600,000 JPY / proposal

The host researchers will receive the fund. The following expenses are covered: travel expenses to the Institute and expenses for collaborative experiments in the Institute. The Institute will execute the fund. The budget will not be allocated to the applicant's institution.


6: How to apply

Please download the application form from the following URL, and submit either the Japanese or English version of the application form via e-mail. If you need consultation regarding the host researcher, please contact the e-mail.

- e-mail:




7: Review  procedure

Through document review, acceptance or rejection of the proposal will be decided.




iGCORE Leaflet

Click here to download a leaflet of iGCORE (PDF file).